For Aaron, nothing compares…
to the freedom of the road
It’s a little chilly, but…
Josh and Sabrina are enjoying the great outdoors
Making friends
Colin visits a local animal shelter
It’s a beautiful day
And Clara loves the shore

Our Services

NCALC is a non-profit agency, established in 1982, committed to developing long-term relationships and to providing flexible services tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

In Butte and Mendocino County we currently provide supported living services (the SLS model). We offer support that allows individuals to live in their own homes with as much support as needed for them to be successful.

All supports are determined and provided through a person-centered process that results in a service plan customized to the desires and needs of the individuals we serve.

Our Mission

NCALC’s mission is to assist persons with developmental disabilities through the provision of supported living services. We believe in the capacity and the right of individuals to live in environments of their choosing, to learn, to grow, and to take part in community living. The services we provide enable persons with developmental needs to experience the same quality of life that is available to other members of our community.

Recent News


I was thinking this morning about the possibility of the death of friends from junior high and high school.  “That was a lifetime ago,” I thought to myself. And I started thinking about the term lifetime and what that meant.

In most contexts, lifetime means the period from birth to death.  But in the context of my past, it would be more meaningful to think of them as chapters in my life.  Births, deaths, marriages, divorces, moves, job changes, gaining or losing friends.  These can all be new chapters, the end of one lifetime and the beginning of another lifetime if you will, as these major life transitions occur.

No matter how old you are, you’ve probably experienced new chapters in your life, substantial changes that can suddenly seem like ‘lifetimes’ ago.

I also couldn’t help but think about the people supported by NCALC.  We tend to think (or admittedly I did) of their lives as fairly unchanging.  But that’s not really true.  They move to new houses and sometimes new roommates.  They have new family and family that are no longer around.  They have joy; they have pain.  And the important people in their lives change quite often.

How many lifetimes must that seem to them?  How many chapters do they go through in years … or months … or weeks or days even sometimes?

What kind of patience must they have?  What kind of grace must they give?  Knowing how it affects us in our everyday lives, it must affect them to a similar degree.  But we don’t see it because we just consider it part of their disability.

Persons supported by NCALC need people who can relate.  People who have lived lifetimes, who’ve had the good and the bad happen, and who know that those circumstances affect everyone differently, but just as deeply.  They need people who can learn who a person is, including their joy, pain, and confusion.  People who can contribute life to the lifetime of another.