Colin's on a nature walk
Colin's on a nature walk

Supported Living Services (SLS) enable persons affected by developmental disabilities to live in their own homes—owned or leased—as members of the community. Those supported may have behavioral, health, and/or physical limitations of varying degrees of severity; each is entitled to live a full and meaningful life in settings they choose. They are supported in the selection of the services they receive, and participate in the selection of staff who assist them. Through technologies, communication devices, and other means, individuals are able to communicate their preferences, choices, and needs. Supported Living Services are the means by which a person can visit a park or a store, ride a bus, or go to health care appointments. The provision of these services, administered by caring staff, helps individuals live the life of their dreams.

It’s all About Choice…

We all cherish our ability to make our own choices regarding the place we call home, the people we live and socialize with, and the activities and work we pursue. Supported Living Services help those who customized support need achieve the dream of living as independently and fully as possible as an active community member. Every effort is made to ensure that individuals are able to choose where they live, how their home is decorated, and what activities and interests they pursue. SLS providers help persons in need of support with virtually every aspect of living as an active member in the community.

We Help Create Networks of Support

At NCALC, an individual’s Circle of Support provides the framework by which a person may confidently live a life of his or her own choosing. We all benefit from having a network of people who support us with their presence, care and concern. Through a personalized approach—an Essential Life Planning process—NCALC works with individuals to identify the family, neighbors, friends, health providers, and staff members who create this essential framework for successful independent living.

In Summary

The following ideals represent the Supported Living Service model of care:

  • “A Home of One’s Own”
  • Individuals are able to make choices
  • They are full members of communities of their choosing
  • They decide for themselves the relationships they wish to have with others
  • They are supported in those choices by NCALC, which provides flexible, tailored supports that reflects the unique wants and needs of every person supported.

First Steps

Contact your local Regional Center for a referral and then— Receive an assessment and plan of action from NCALC

For more information contact:

530.894.2726—Butte County

707.468.9326—Mendocino County