On the PATH….

On March 23rd, Directors and Managers gathered together from both Chico and Ukiah to participate in a PATH exercise under the guidance of Beth Gallagher and Kirk Hinkleman of Life Works.  PATH is an acronym for Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope. This helpful tool can be produced for individuals or organizations.  We were fortunate to have Marjeanne Stone, our Quality Assurance consultant, on hand as observer to support us as needed as we take our steps forward.

As the picture of our “PATH” shows, engaging in the process provides a roadmap to the positive future we envision as a team;  one that we are each personally committed to striving for. We each had input into what our collective dream looked like and felt like.  We thought about, and described in detail, what we wanted our organization, and ourselves, to become.  We “grounded ourselves” in our current situation, and figured out ways to progress along a growth path we constructed as a team.

Clearly, NCALC has big plans – but they are matched by strong intentions. As Beth Gallagher reminded us:  “The tension between where you are now and where you want—and need—to be, provides the energy  you’ll need to follow the path toward the dream you’re working toward as an organization.”

We are determined, and committed to supporting others - helping them to achieve the best, most satisfying lives possible.  We’ll do whatever it takes.

Learning From a Master

Azad’s Martial Arts Family Center recently opened their doors to the NCALC community and their staff for a special training session. Master Azad is not only a friend to us, but is also literally a master resource to the community – the Center has been training adults and children of all ages for more than 25 years.  Master Azad himself is an internationally ranked Master Instructor in several arts, including Hapkido and Taekwondo.  He and his staff have an impact on their students in many ways as they embody and express the ideals of  martial arts philosophy in addition to technical instruction.  Master Azad reminds us that “all martial artists are members of one family, regardless of their styles or abilities.”

Thank you, Master Azad and Mr. Reitz, for taking us into the family this way, and helping us to learn from one another.


S.H.A.R.E.S. Cards Show You Care

You have seen them around at many non-profits, and yes—we have our own stack of cards available here at NCALC. Please ask for one at the desk when you visit, if you don’t already have one.

These are cards to use when grocery shopping. If you have ever wondered if it does any good to present your S.H.A.R.E.S. card before your grocery order is rung up – it does! Qualified purchases (generally, all groceries) at Save Mart Supermarkets, S-Mart Foods, FoodMaxx and Lucky earns the company a 1% return on the amount of the purchase. We recently received a check for $180, which helps us fund special opportunities.

Thank you to those of you who conscientiously use the card – this one small act, when combined with the thoughtfulness of others using the card on our behalf, translates into making a difference in the lives of those we support.

Springing into Fitness Mode

The Chico NCALC staff and clients got together March 1st for a healthy dinner and some motivation to get and stay fit. We learned about different kinds of exercise and the benefits of healthy foods. We ate a delicious, hearty, and heart-healthy soup and whole grain bread, along with some grapes. We also had fun catching up on one another’s news, as we enjoyed a number of activities together – we even got in a little dancing!

Kudos to Hannah Williamson and to Mai Lou Lor, who worked all February organizing activities to keep us active. With all those opportunities, we will have plenty of motivation to keep moving through the month of March. All it takes is a little effort, every day, to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

March is Fitness Month at NCALC

The month of March has been targeted by NCALC-Chico staff as a time to learn about healthy eating and exercises. Hannah Williamson, organizer of the promotion with Mai Lou Lor, says “It’s so important for consumers and staff to incorporate activity into daily life. It’s good for all of us!” The kickoff event will be March 1st at 4:45 pm with a healthy soup early dinner at the NCALC headquarters office on Esplanade. All staff and consumers are welcome! If possible, please bring a healthy food item—for example, a small bag of carrots, a couple of apples, or some other healthy treat.

Happy Birthday Scottie!

Scott entertained a number of his staff and friends at his home. The sunny, warm day made barbecuing easy. Josh, the appointed grill master, did a great job cooking the hamburgers and hotdogs… considering he has been vegan for four years. What a good sport! Reggae music played in the background—Scott’s pick—enlivening the festivities, and everyone had a good time. Here’s to you, Scott! May you have many more happy and healthy years ahead.

Tribute to David

Last December, David, who resided at the Lakeview home, passed away after suffering a seizure. David was well loved by his housemates and staff. Tina Timko, house manager, and her staff arranged a Memorial day on January 9th for David, which was attended by his relatives and many friends. His love of life, of basketball and baseball games, and his friendships were a major theme. Tina says of David that one of his many gifts was his ability to “teach us how I important the little things in life are, and to smile more.” She notes his great sense of humor. During a road trip to Fort Bragg, she put in a cassette tape for him to listen to, as the radio station signals were poor. When it ended, it paused , and just before it started up again, David sighed and said, “Here we go again!” Tina said she laughed, and noting his lack of enthusiasm, changed the tape for him. David, who added so much to the quality of the lives around him, was also an organ donor. Thanks to this, according to the regional donation center, “David will actually help 50-80 people with his donation.” Even after his time on earth ended, David was giving. And we are so grateful to have been part of his life.