Call for Board of Directors Nominations

NCALC, like any well-run non-profit organization, operates under the leadership  of a distinguished Board of Directors. We would like to add one or two more Directors to our current roster of six. Prospective members may live in either the Chico or Ukiah general area. It is also  possible to live elsewhere, thanks to today’s technologies.  Those who share our concern for, and commitment to, persons in need of Supported Living Services and/or support in Intermediate Care Facilities are asked to write us at, with “Board of Directors” in the subject line, or leave a message at 530.894.2726. Help us ensure and secure the long-term well-being of every person we support – and those who come to us for assistance in the years ahead.


Everyone Loves a Summer BBQ & Pool Party

Folks in Chico got together for a summer pool party and BBQ. “This is a great time for those we support, and the team members,” noted SLS Regional Manager Nick Herndon. “It’s nice to see the extended families of the team members, especially the kids, having fun too.” All persons supported made it to the event, and helped contribute to the classic summer spread for the occasion: hot dogs (prepared by grillmaster Nick), chips and dip, baked beans, deviled eggs, watermelon, cupcakes and more! Fueled by lots of lemonade, the party continued for hours. It was a great way to adapt to the end of the summer season and get ready for more seasonal activities ahead.

NCALC - Chico Team Member Appreciation

NCALC Chico Team Member Appreciation.
Mark Your Calendars for August 26th @ 4pm.
Pool party & BBQ
Staff: Feel free to bring family members along as well

Congratulations to Joy E. and Heather A. in Ukiah! The two Lucky Gals won Starbucks gift cards for liking NCALC on Facebook.  Chico's winner will be announced at the Aug 26th Pool Party and BBQ.


Summer Safety is NCALC’s Priority

Recently our Chico staff gathered to receive formal training in water safety.  Ensuring the well-being of persons engaged in water fun during these long, hot summers is one of our essential tasks.

While the summer months offer special opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, safety in general is something we all need to keep in mind at all times. To protect ourselves and our families, let’s keep in mind the importance of…

-Sunscreen—at least 30 SPF, applied often

-Following all posted rules surrounding any body of water

-Drivers being ultra-alert to bikers, many of whom are not wearing helmets (and should be)

-Remembering the often repeated advice about poisonous plants: “Leaves of three, let it be”— poison oak and ivy generally have leaves of three. Poisonous oils from hazardous plants in tiny quantities—scientists say for some, less than the size of a grain a salt—can produce terrible skin rashes.

-Insect stingers being removed correctly. They are best removed by scraping a clean fingernail over the surface of the skin, or by scraping  with a credit card edge. Tweezers and pushing in skin around the puncture may drive the stinger deeper. Use tweezers only when you see the end of the stinger and can grasp it. If there is swelling, apply ice but don’t scratch it.

-Being aware of symptoms of heat stroke. If  you or someone close to you appears to be suffering, take steps to cool down quickly. Call 911, move the person to a shady area, and if cool water is available, use it or spray it to aid in recovery.

-Find some of  these hints described in detail here:

Everyone, please have a healthy, fun and safe summer!

Happy Birthday Carl !

June 15th was a beautiful, sunny day in Chico, and  perfect for an early celebration of Carl’s 41st birthday.  Carl was joined by his mother, Sharon, and lots of staff and friends at his home for a cookout. Sharon brought plenty of delicious home-baked goodies for everyone. Personal attendant Bill set up table ping pong, where Carl challenged anyone willing to take him on…and run after stray balls. Grill master Nick barbequed ribs, and Mai Lou proved herself to be as efficient in the kitchen as she is virtually everywhere else. Food, fun, and friends – what more could anyone ask? It all came together to make a great celebration.

We wish Carl many more happy occasions in the year ahead!

Donors' Generosity Helps Open World of Enjoyment at Lakeview

What seems to be a rather ordinary golf cart has long meant “FUN” to the residents of our Lakeview home, who enjoyed tooling around the neighborhood in the donated vehicle on the beautiful days so characteristic of the community in which they live.

The problem is, the transmission failed awhile back, and there was no money available to pay for costly repairs. Thanks to Bruce and Shirley Edson and Margaret Morrison, however, the vehicle is on its way to being restored. These caring individuals took  stock of the situation, noted how important the vehicle was to the Lakeview residents, and initiated efforts to restore it. Together, their donation amounted to $800 toward the cost of repairs!

NCALC is very grateful to Bruce, Shirley, and Margaret for their generosity. More than ever, our organization must depend upon the kindness of such donors to provide for the extras that add so much to the enjoyment of those persons supported by NCALC. The stresses upon budgets of non-profits like ours have been without precedent in our state, and there are no prospects for relief in sight.

If you would like to help us continue to provide the “extras” that make life better for others, please keep an eye out for updates on this page. And if you would like to help with the golf cart restoration project, please give us a call at 530-894-2726.

Again, thanks to Bruce, Shirley, and Margaret!

Wall of Fame

There’s something new on the barren walls of the Chico administrative office: a wall of fame, honoring the unique strengths of the NCALC personal attendant team in Chico.

“The team members who work directly with the persons we support are the backbone of our organization. We could not exist without their dedication and willingness to apply themselves, every day, to the work they do,” says Nick Herndon, SLS Director in Chico.

 A team member who had stopped by CEO Linda Clark-Borre’s office to chat spurred the idea for the Wall of Fame. “She told me about an act of kindness performed by another staff member, and I felt that the things people do outside the scope of their responsibilities were worthy of recognition,” she says.  “When I asked people to describe qualities of their co-workers, everyone had something positive to point out; the rest involved just putting the recognition awards together to honor the strengths our colleagues share most every day as they interact with one another and those we support.”

A dinner meeting open to all Chico area team members and supported people was held on Friday, May 13, to express appreciation and to introduce the “Hall of Fame” idea. 

All NCALC team members, in both Chico and Ukiah, are asked to share ideas for future events and get-togethers with their supervisors, managers, and directors.

NCALC Team Learns About Person Centered Thinking (PCT)

Sheila Keys and Cindy McGrew led a two day workshop on Person Centered Thinking at the Ukiah  Convention Center, which was attended by many NCALC team members. What is “PCT”?  In a nutshell, it’s an approach, and a set of tools, that helps us to recognize and learn what is important TO each person supported—which is the person’s choice-- as well as what’s important FOR them, for example, a medication regimen, or the ability to be in a calm, quiet environment.

Questions one might ask within the framework of a PCT approach include: What is working in this person’s life? What is not working? What are this person’s gifts and desires? What is important to sustain this person’s best life? When is it okay to let persons try what they wish to, and possibly “get it wrong,” thus strengthening their ability to be creative and make different decisions for the future?”

There is much, much more to the learning and the workshop, of course, some of which is outlined in more detail in this article, and accompanying video:

We at NCALC look forward to applying ourselves to  further training in the area of Person Centered Thinking, and most importantly, to applying its principles to every person we support.



This report is from CAHF, and contains important information about the budget cut:

In March, the California legislature passed trailer bill language which includes a 10% budget cut for all Medi-Cal providers including nursing facilities, ICFs/DD, DD-N and DD-H, physicians, pharmacies, clinics, medical transportation, home health and certain hospitals.

Although we were unable to stop the cuts from passing the initial hurdle, this is not the end of the budget discussions. Since the legislature has not technically passed a State Budget for 2011-12, there will be other opportunities to impact the current actions. The Governor will release his May Revision to the State Budget and the Legislature will hold hearings in May and June on a final Budget deal.

CAHF will continue to aggressively advocate for providers on all legal, legislative and administrative fronts.  We urge our members to continue with important grassroots outreach.

Here is information on upcoming events.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 3:00pm
Department of Developmental Services
1600 9th Street
Sacramento, CA 94244

Assembly Hearing
Wednesday, April 13, 2011, 12:30pm (at the latest if you want a seat!)
State Capitol Room 447

Steps We are Taking In Face of the Budget Crisis

Everyone at NCALC is concerned about the Governor having signed the 10% reduction to ICFs into law last week. Please know that we are working to find ways to cope with this harsh reality. Today, we have issued a press release that discusses the implications of this harsh measure on those we support in our ICF homes, as well as those who work with, and for those persons. This has been sent to the Ukiah Daily Journal. It is our hope to get our position, which mirrors that of positions held by ICFs around the state, in front of as many citizens as possible.  Also, please be aware that a rally will be held at the California State Capitol tomorrow from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Gathering will be at the South Entrance, so if possible, please try to attend.