Happy Spring

Persons supported in Chico celebrated the start of spring with a group project, culminating in a feast on April 8th.  Each household contributed a dish, NCALC provided the ham, and a great time was had by all!

As is clear in the picture, every “egg” created by a given person was as unique as the artist who created it; and so were the gifts inside them.

Word from Ukiah: It's Diane's Birthday!

Ukiah Personal Attendant Will stopped by NCALC offices in Ukiah to introduce a surprise, unnamed “friend” he was escorting to animal-loving Diane’s birthday party.  Will also proudly showed off the beautiful cake he was bringing to top off the evening festivities at Diane’s home.

SLS Regional Manager Mary Peterson noted that “Diane loves animals of all shapes and sizes…and she’s going to love this!”

Happy Birthday, dear Diane, and thank you, Will, for going the extra mile - as you always do - to make Diane’s special day a true delight for everyone at the party.


Sent With Love

We at the main office in Chico have just received the loveliest handmade card from a person we support in Ukiah named Janice.  Janice received a donated chair from this office, which she loves!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful donors, who help in so many ways.  Persons we support in Chico have had their lives enriched recently through the kindness of the Discovery Shoppe Board, whose grant to them is making a difference in their lives. Thanks to that support, our men have been able to purchase access to a food bank that has improved their access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and other items that are normally quite expensive. The money they save on this good food from the bank enables them to have a little more to  spend on community outings.  They will also share use of their own sewing machine and carpet cleaner.

Thanks to all who make a difference in the lives of others!


It’s a “Happy Birthday” story

Staff and friends gathered at the common room at NCALC-Chico’s offices to celebrate Scott’s birthday.  Here Scott is at the center of attention at the grand party finale, which followed an Italian dinner provided by friends.

Have a great year, Scotty!

Celebrating In Ukiah

Janet and Clara, pictured here with NCALC staff Melissa, recently proudly shared a photo of themselves dressed in their party best.  These ladies definitely fall into the “social butterfly” category, and love to have fun. There were plenty of opportunities for that throughout the days of the holiday season, which were filled with parties and good food in both Ukiah, where they live, and Chico, home to the NCALC main office.

Clara’s now on Facebook, where she keeps her friends up to date on all she’s doing. She’s had a few fun trips lately. And Janet is thrilled to be able to go to her “Lunch Bunch” activity three times a week now.  The message of both ladies to everyone is to have a great 2012…and be sure to make the most of every day!

Happy Birthday to Perry

Happy Birthday to Perry, who  celebrated his birthday at a party held in the common room of the NCALC offices on Sunday, January 15.  The celebration was attended by several of his friends, including his roommate, Charles, Charles' mother, and others who wanted to be on hand to help Perry celebrate. Sporting a new Ninja Turtles baseball cap, Perry joined his friends eating cake and ice cream and enjoying each other's company. Here's to a great year ahead, Perry!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Perry and everyone else here at NCALC

Carl Has The Right Idea

At our Thanksgiving Feast—held, of course, on Thanksgiving Day—Carl showed his sense of humor and his creativity in swinging around his chair for direct access to the buffet!  Staff, family, and Board members joined in the fun and opportunity to socialize. We at NCALC are grateful for the good things and guests that this past year has brought our way, and we wish everyone a wonderful holiday season ahead.

Happy Birthday Charles!

Charles's parents, Chuck and Amy, hosted a barbecue at Charles' and Perry's home to celebrate the day.The day was beautiful and sunny, a perfect day. "Charles was a good host," said Nick Herndon of NCALC, "and really enjoyed seeing the people who came to help celebrate."  It had been a busy weekend--just the Friday before, NCALC hosted a Halloween party, where Charles charmed everyone with his creative costuming. Here's to many more great days ahead in the coming year, Charles!

Kindra Makes a Difference

NCALC is proud to announce that one of our direct team members, Kindra Preciado, was recognized as one of the “People Who Make A Difference” by the Butte County Coordinating Council at an awards dinner held Thursday, October 20, 2011.  NCALC’s Butte County Regional Manager, Nick Herndon, says of Kindra: “Kindra has high expectations for the persons she supports, and does not focus on any past inabilities. She always comes to work upbeat and ready to get to get things done. Not only do those she support love her, her coworkers can’t stop saying good things about her.”  We are all fortunate to have Kindra in our lives.