Happy Holidays

Closing out this year, we can’t think of a more fitting way to encourage everyone to share the joy of season than to share this photo of Colin and one of his friends. We think Colin’s expression says it all! The holiday season reminds us to take a few moments to deeply enjoy and cherish a particular moment or memory.  May the year ahead be filled with love, good experiences, memories, and many friendships, old and new. Don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate the gifts you bring to the world. The world needs them.

Wishing you love, peace, and prosperity this season and all seasons ahead – The NCALC Team

With Thanks to Our Donors, Past and Present

As Thanksgiving draws near, we want to take the opportunity to thank our donors who, through their contributions, offer us the means to provide additional opportunities for the persons we support to socialize, to create happy occasions and gatherings, and in some cases to invest a desirable item that enriches life in a given household.

We put a great deal of thought into investing these contributions in the manner in which both donor and recipients would find meaningful.

Thank you again…and Happy Thanksgiving! Once again in Chico we are offering an opportunity for family  and friends to gather around at the main office; check your NCALC contact for details. We’d love to see you and the extended NCALC family there.

Halloween Party

A big THANK YOU to Elizabeth F. and her team of champion helpers for all the Halloween decorations at the main office in Chico! Sorry we cannot yet do the big reveal but we promise…what is behind this door is spooktacular!


Ukiah Community Works Together, Keeps Lakeview Home “Going”

At last, the beloved Lakeview golf cart is now up, running, and tooling around the neighborhood with some very happy riders safely belted in. Executive Director Linda recently took a ride in it herself, and asked her driver: “Where can I get one of these? This is fun!”

Riding in the cart provides a comfortable breeze even on the hottest days, and it’s a great diversion that offers plenty of community interaction.

Many thanks are due for the restoration that included new tires, seatbelts, a new transmission, and a custom sign. A big THANK YOU goes to family members who made contributions toward repairs, and to Steve Crawford who donated the signage. NCALC also extends its heartfelt gratitude to Tina Timko, who oversaw the project; to Dan Hayes for hours upon hours of painstaking mechanical work; and to all who assisted in making sure that the residents of Lakeview were able to get back “on the road again."

One of the riders, Elsie, has indicated that she would like a steering wheel to be placed next to the real one so that others can know and enjoy the experience of driving, too. We’ll keep readers updated!

Lending a Helping Hand to Support Community Families

On July 27th, Carl, joined by members of the NCALC SLS Team, helped to pack and hand out boxes of food for Butte County families who needed them. The Tailgate Food Giveaway, organized by The Community Action Partnership and held at Chico Eagles Hall, was a cooperative effort involving Chico Eagles Aerie #218, California Emergency Foodlink of Sacramento, and Community Action Agency of Butte County, Inc., through its North State Food Bank.

In addition to walking a mile to and from the Food Bank with his support team, Carl worked tirelessly as he engaged in friendly banter with other volunteers and families.

The NCALC team plans to participate again at a Tailgate Food Giveaway planned for October.

Summer Activity News

NCALC is happy to share the following options to increase your summer fun opportunities for the weeks ahead!

Mid Valley Providers is sponsoring a camping trip on August 17, 18, and 19th at Lassen Pines.  Cost is a very reasonable $90 per camper, and $80 for their accompanying staff. For more information, please contact Sarah at 530-221-1551.

For those who want to get a jump on fun a week sooner, the COMPASS Masquerade Ball held Saturday, August 11th, from 6-9, will offer dancing, food, pictures, and, of course -  fun!  The event will be held at Mercy Oaks, 100 Mercy oaks Drive in Redding. Tickets are just $15. Contact the Compass folks at 530-242-8580 for more information about ticket availability.

South Ukiah Rotary Offers Help with Sun Shelter Project

Residents at the Redwood Valley home are a few steps closer to being able to sit comfortably outdoors for extended periods thanks to the South Ukiah Rotary, whose members stepped forward with a grant to start the fund to get the project started.

Putting up a sturdy protective shade has been Operations Director Tim Johnson’s goal for some time. “Folks there enjoy their time outdoors, but the sun makes it difficult for them at times,” says Tim. “They’re extremely sensitive – in fact, it is dangerous for them to sit in the sun. They need excellent protection to be safe from UV rays, and to be able to remain out of doors as long as they wish. Our staff is ready to donate time to get the structure built once we have the materials, and this is a great start. We’re grateful the South Ukiah Rotary came through for us.”

Approximately $1550 is still needed to purchase the materials. Anyone wishing to donate to this project can do so by clicking the donate button above and letting us know what it is for, or by sending a check directed to the Sun Shade Fund. We’re grateful for the assistance, and once again, thank the South Ukiah Rotary from the bottom of our hearts!

Today we received the following from Angie, SLS Supervisor in Ukiah. We want to share it with the world, because it speaks to every one of us.

When I wander
Don’t tell me to come and sit down.
Wander with me.
It may be because I am hungry, thirsty, need the toilet.
Or maybe I just need to stretch my legs.

When I call for my mother
(even though I’m 75!)
Don’t tell me she is dead.
Reassure me, cuddle me, ask me about her.
It may be that I am looking for the security
that my mother once gave me.

When I shout out
Please don’t ask me to be quiet…or walk by.
I am trying to tell you something
But have difficulty in telling you what.
Be patient. Try to find out.
I may be in pain.

When I become agitated or appear angry,
Please don’t reach for the drugs first.
I am trying to tell you something.
It may be too hot, too bright, too noisy.
Or maybe it’s because I miss my loved ones.
Try to find out first.

When I don’t eat my dinner or drink my tea,
It may be because I’ve forgotten how to.
Show me what to do, remind me.
It may be that I just need to hold my knife and fork.
I may know what to do then.

When I push you away
While you’re trying to help me wash or get dressed,
Maybe it’s because I have forgotten what you have said.
Keep telling me what you are doing
Over and over and over.
Maybe others will think you’re the one that needs the help!

With all my thoughts and maybes,
Perhaps it will be you
Who reaches my thoughts,
Understand my fears,
And will make me feel safe.

Maybe it will be you
Who I need to thank

If only I knew how.

-Author Unknown

Personal and professional development is naturally an ongoing process, and it’s important to grow in the direction that will best fulfill the promise of our lives.

On Friday, May 4t, at 6pm at the main office, Linda will be helping interested staff team members to develop resumes that encompass the scope of their strengths and abilities. She'll show how to prepare a resume and select the format that best highlights a person’s unique capabilities. No, she doesn't want anyone to leave - but she hopes each person will look at and understand the value that their daily contributions represent, and gain insight into how to grow into their own best possible future.

Be sure to RSVP to Nick by May 2nd to make sure we have enough materials prepared.

A Life of My Own

NCALC was one of many providers attending a Transition Fair recently held in Chico. The Fair provided an opportunity for young people and their families  to explore all the possibilities that Supported Living Services provides.  Two young ladies spoke from the podium to  share their unique perspective of living on their own in community settings of their choice, inspiring everyone with their  energy and joy – and probably reassuring many nervous parents that all children can indeed grow up to live lives they can truly, and proudly, call their own.