I was thinking this morning about the possibility of the death of friends from junior high and high school.  “That was a lifetime ago,” I thought to myself. And I started thinking about the term lifetime and what that meant.

In most contexts, lifetime means the period from birth to death.  But in the context of my past, it would be more meaningful to think of them as chapters in my life.  Births, deaths, marriages, divorces, moves, job changes, gaining or losing friends.  These can all be new chapters, the end of one lifetime and the beginning of another lifetime if you will, as these major life transitions occur.

No matter how old you are, you’ve probably experienced new chapters in your life, substantial changes that can suddenly seem like ‘lifetimes’ ago.

I also couldn’t help but think about the people supported by NCALC.  We tend to think (or admittedly I did) of their lives as fairly unchanging.  But that’s not really true.  They move to new houses and sometimes new roommates.  They have new family and family that are no longer around.  They have joy; they have pain.  And the important people in their lives change quite often.

How many lifetimes must that seem to them?  How many chapters do they go through in years … or months … or weeks or days even sometimes?

What kind of patience must they have?  What kind of grace must they give?  Knowing how it affects us in our everyday lives, it must affect them to a similar degree.  But we don’t see it because we just consider it part of their disability.

Persons supported by NCALC need people who can relate.  People who have lived lifetimes, who’ve had the good and the bad happen, and who know that those circumstances affect everyone differently, but just as deeply.  They need people who can learn who a person is, including their joy, pain, and confusion.  People who can contribute life to the lifetime of another.


Ukiah Holiday Gathering

The folks in Ukiah got together for a holdiay ornament decorating party.  

NCALC turns 35

NCALC is celebrating its 35th anniversary.  NCALC was founded on July 19th, 1982

Still supporting

Still evolving

Still learning

Merry Christmas to all

Happy Holidays to all. This holiday season be sure to slow down to appreciate those people around you that enrich your life.


The folks in Chico SLS had a gathering around the BBQ grill.  Clients, staff, families and even the board gathered around the grill.

Happy Holidays for all

The holidays are a magical time for lots of people.  NCALC would like to wish you a happy holiday, and hope you enjoy spending time with those you care about.

Ukiah office moving

The Chico office is starting to settle into its new location and now the Ukiah office is moving!

Official move date is Monday 10/26th.
1100A Hastings Rd.
Off of Talmage Rd. behind the AM/PM gas station and shared with KWINE

Chico Office is moving

Its official the Chico office will be moving October 12th!

We will try to make the transition as seamless as possible.

The new location is 2725 Esplanade about 2 blocks down the road from our current location.

NCALC marched on the capital

On Sept 3rd NCALC joined CSLN and marched on the state capital.  NCALC clients, staff and even a board member marched to help make sure their voices were heard. #KeepThePromise  #Speak4Justice  #Ready2Rally

Reusable ChicoBags are headed out

As a small token of our thanks, managers will be giving out reusable ChicoBags to the employees. They have started to be dispersed in Chico and they are headed over to Ukiah next week.

FYI: Chico introduced a ban on plastic bags Jan 1st. The entire state of California was slated to introduce a ban July 1st, it recently has gotten postponed and will be voted on 2016.